Mattel Minecraft Uno Card Game

Mattel Minecraft Uno Card Game


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Minecraft enthusiasts can play the special version of the UNO Same as Basic UNO but includes Minecraft characters and special creeper rule cards. When you pull this card, other players need to draw 3 additional cards from the pile! The goal is to remove all cards in your hand 500 wins in the first player or team When one card reaches it, don’t forget to scream “UNO”!

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From the Manufacturer


Create, explore, surviveThen play Uno.

This game will bring exciting video game graphics to your table – card table! This special edition deck combines two games kids love for adventurous game play – Minecraft and UNO Cards – !


This UNO Minecraft deck gives it a unique look with everyone’s favorite characters and Minecraft graphics on each card that makes it a valuable collector’s item.

This 112 card deck contains a special Minecraft themed wild card.Creeper Cards – show it to other players and they need to draw 3 additional cards!

Gameplay is like the classic UNO card game – matching colors and numbers and characters from Minecraft for this edition! When one card is left in, they still “UNO! “must shout


Survive Family Game Night!

UNO Minecraft card game is great for 2-10 players large and small gatherings of 7 and up.Colorful, imaginative Minecraft designs make sure the whole family wants to play!

Like the UNO you love, UNO Minecraft gameplay race to remove all cards, but this version includes Minecraft characters and images and special rules cards. You want to match the cards in your hand with your current card displayed at the top of your deck, so your opponent can earn points of the card. The UNO Minecraft also has a new type of action cards. When you draw the creeper card, you will need to draw 3 additional cards when you show it to other players. The first player to reach 500 points wins. Once a card is reached, “UNO! Don’t forget to shout. 112 cards with instructions For 2-10 players, 7+ Easy to pick up and can’t be placed Colors and decorations may vary.

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November 20, 2017

  1. D****e Lum

    Me gustó el diseño de las cartas lo malo es que está a un buen precio pero tuve que comprar dos ahí PS cómo que ya no estubobtan bien el otro lo regale !!

  2. L**** A Williams

    I was not expecting so much excitement from a card game. It is easy enough to play that the kids caught on fast.

  3. J****Fco. Estepan G.

    Great gift

  4. E****evid

    Tidak ada masalah khusus dengan kartu tersebut, tetapi sulit untuk menyimpannya di kotak aslinya, jadi menggunakan kotak sabun membuatnya sangat pas dan memudahkan anak-anak untuk membersihkannya. Jika Anda kesulitan membersihkannya, silakan gunakan metode ini.

  5. S****lan

    Good Game, UNO is a good, exciting way to play it.

  6. L****n Andrea OviedoMore

    I bought for my son, he enjoy collect it and play UNO card game.

  7. L****sa Michelle

    I ordered this for my stepson for Christmas and am not disappointed – it’s the same Uno game that everyone loves, but with Minecraft images on the cards. He’s going to be so excited!

  8. N****

    Ini adalah cara yang bagus untuk bermain game bersama sebagai sebuah keluarga. Saya bersenang-senang setelah waktu yang lama. Namun, saya bermaksud meminta versi Jepang, tetapi itu adalah versi bahasa Inggris. Petunjuknya sulit dipahami.

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