SOULS Gimbal

SOULS Gimbal


  • Product Name: SOULS Gimbal Gimbal Support Belt Set
  • Price¥28,000 (tax/unit price)
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The best feature is that the gimbal is to be installed lowered, i.e. the fulcrum is lowered so you can handle the rod shorter and allow you to fight larger fish with the power of previous past.

The mounting position of the support belt is not the traditional mounting position (near the waist), but from slightly below the lumbar bone to the top of the hips.

The gimbal mounting position is inseam, and the gimbal can be installed to fit the inner thigh. Therefore, the gimbal shape is inverted, which is intended to be attached to the traditional waist, so it is difficult to fit.

The Souls Gimbal is designed to fit the inner Momo. Allows greater force to hang without force. In addition, the size is minimally sized so that it can be used to cast or move around on the boat.

Can be used in conjunction with a support belt to maximize its effectiveness.

The Gimbal Belt that has brought together the knowledge of Yoshiro Sato, is the Soulzgimbal belt.

Price For: 28,000 (Gimbal, Support Belt Set)

Price without tax

Gimbal and support belt are not sold individually.

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Berat 1,1 kg
Model Number


Batteries Included


Package Dimensions

‎37 x 29.5 x 13.5 cm; 1 Kg



Date First Available

August 12, 2012


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